Pueblo’s Royal Christian School

Pueblo’s Royal Christian School was founded in 1999 by Pastor Roberto Ruben Villarreal, with the purpose of not only teaching students the subjects required by the state of Texas, but to also instruct them in the path of our Lord Jesus Christ. For the last fifteen years, Pueblo’s Royal Christian School has been serving the community of Pasadena and its surrounding areas. For more information, please call 713-920-1308 or visit


Radio Aleluya

Radio Aleluya went on air in March of 2001. For the last thirteen years, Radio Aleluya has ministered, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to not only the city of Houston and its surrounding areas, but also a big part of southeast Texas and various parts of the world through For more information, please call 713-589-1336 or visit


Aleluya TV

Aleluya TV, channel 30.1, officially started its transmission on January 1, 2012. With preachings, original and special programming, and music videos 24 hours a day, Aleluya TV is taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the city of Houston, and to the world through If you are interested in obtaining a program on Aleluya TV, please call 713-589-1336 or visit